About us

Daimyo Elementary School, closed its doors in March 2014. It has been reborn as Fukuoka Growth Next, sporting a new name and mission.
Fukuoka Growth Next is a startup support facility leveraging public-private collaboration. It serves as a launchpad for startup companies in Fukuoka City, an up-and-coming destination for global entrepreneurs.


Raising next startup unicorns


  • Fukuoka Growth Next contributes to job creation and regional economic development through its support of startup companies and the renewal efforts of established businesses.
  • With its unique startup support system, Fukuoka Growth Next helps companies to generate new values and advance into the global market.

History of Daimyo Elementary School

Support system

SYSTEM 01 6 Types of Support for Startups

  • Educational Support
  • Alliances with Public Sector
  • Community Development
  • Human Resources
  • Attracting Capital
  • Disseminating Information

SYSTEM 02 Intensive Lecture Courses For Entrepreneurs

Mr. Taizo Son (Founder of Mistletoe, Inc.) and Mr. Osamu Ogasahara (CEO of ABBALab Inc.)
hold Startup Seminars at Fukuoka Growth Next.

Taizo Son Founder, Mistletoe, Inc.
Osamu Ogasahara Representative Director, ABBALab inc.
Representative Director, Nomad, Inc.

SYSTEM 03 Provision of education, enlightenment, and meet-up facilities

We support the growth of startups through education, enlightenment, and meet-up facilities.


We provide a place to learn from actual success and failure stories delivered by guests from listed companies and successful corporations.

Pitch contest

We provide a venue where entrepreneurs can pitch to affiliated venture capitalists and mentors, thereby creating new investment opportunities.


Affiliated venture capitalists and others provide mentoring and enhance growth opportunities for startups.

Skills and motivational enhancement

We offer seminars for entrepreneurs to deepen in specialized knowledge required to reinforce the viability of their startups.

Meet-up and exchanges

We conduct meet-ups on a regular basis including exchange gatherings with outside firms.

Awabar meet-up

We provide a convenient and comfortable place to meet-up with members, seasoned entrepreneurs, and outside firms.

SYSTEM 04 Human resources

We secure and match human resources for startups, at the "Fukuoka Design Nest School" facility, a place for budding designers to develop, and "Engineer Lab. FUKUOKA" created to foster the development of a new generation of engineers.

Fostering designers

The following individuals cooperate to provide designer training and create community.

Fukuoka Design Nest School

Fostering engineers

The following individuals cooperate to provide engineer workshop and create community.

Engineer Lab. Fukuoka

Organization chart

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Resident advisors

Staff members stationed at the site cater daily to the needs of startups.

Director-General of the SecretariatYasunari Tanaka


Engaged in trading and investment at a general trading company prior to work at a foreign-affiliated strategic consulting firm, experienced in strategy formulation for large corporations. From 2001 on to 2015, I engaged in buyout investments of small-to-midsized companies and oversaw post acquisition management activities to enhance the enterprise value of portfolio companies, as corporate director. I have extensive experience in hands-on managerial support. Since 2016, in my current position, I have been responsible for the launch of new businesses. At FGN, I works as Director-General of Secretariat, making the utmost of my past experience.

Deputy Director-General of the SecretariatTakanobu Ikeda


Joined FUKUOKA JISHO in 2008. Engaged in commercial property management, new stragegy at the President's Office, and new commercial property development in the Property Development Business Department. At FGN, I will forge an environment where new communication will help generate start-ups. On weekends and holidays, I enjoy outdoor activities including camping and fishing. Let's make the next year and a half as fruitful as possible.

Incubation ManagerYuhki Yui

SAKURA Internet Inc.

Moved to Fukuoka in 2015, having interacted with nation-wide start-up companies and having been attracted by the enthusiam in Fukuoka. At FGN, I will serve as Incubation Manager and will go all-out to contribute to the growth of start-ups. Please feel free to reach out and talk, especially if you ever have trouble with IT infrastructure. My personal interests include dance music and professional wrestling.

Incubation ManagerYuichiro Uchida


Until 2015, I worked at the President’s Office of COCA-COLA WEST COMPANY, LIMITED, building a Fukuoka-based company network. Will leverage my experience with various economic organizations to engage in activities to connect startup companies to established Fukuoka-based companies. In my free time, I enjoy gardening.

Member of the SecretariatKensuke Izumi


I am engaged in management consigned by property owners as Branch Manager of Apamanshop Leasing Kyushu Branch. I will be stationed at the site for about half a day to support start-up companies. My favorite pastime is watching soccer. At Avispa Fukuoka home games, I go to Level 5 stadium without fail where I wave a big flag, and root for the players.

Member of the SecretariatKim Rie


Joined FUKUOKA JISHO in 2015, engaging in operation and administration of lease properties, and the leasing of office buildings. At FGN, I will engage in operation and administration of the whole facility as a member of Secretariat. My favorite pastime is taking photos of the places I have visited. Please feel free to speak to me, when you have a question or require consultation regarding these facilities, or when you feel like taking a break during work, or whenever suits you.

Member of the SecretariatAkiyo Hamamoto

Nomad, Inc.

Relocated to Fukuoka in 2017. At FGN, will engage in support work such as assisting at events and bartending at Awabar Fukuoka. If there is anything that I can help you with, please feel free to contact me. Am fond of movies and animations. Look forward to seeing you at Awabar Fukuoka!

Member of the SecretariatKazuaki Yamamoto

FJ Entertainment Works Ltd.

Engaged in planning, production, and operation of events as Managing Director. I aim to contribute to building Fukuoka through "Environmental Design" where design encompasses architecture and urban landscapes in the background. At FGN, I will support the Incubation Manager in implementing a series of programs. I regularly enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Community ManagerJunji Murakami


Established SAINOU CO in 2016 to give rise to a movement from Kyusyu. As a member of open innovation, contributed to "Myojowaraku", the festival of technology and creativeness that was held in Fukuoka, London, and Taipei. Engaging in "StartupCafe" from its inception in 2013 as an ambassador concierge. At FGN, I will facilitate matching among people and companies as a community manager.

About administrative operators

Educational Support

  • SAKURA Internet Inc.
  • Apamanshop Holdings Co.,Ltd.