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Situated on the 1st floor you will find a cafe, a DIY studio, and "Awabar," spaces to foster a community where not only those who are concerned with startups, but also corporate officers, employees, and students, or anyone who would otherwise have no such opportunity, can mingle with and connect to one another. The community acclerators play an important role in connecting people.


We have 29 team rooms.

  • 1:ケアリーチ株式会社
  • 2:合同会社ネクストステップ
  • 3:株式会社ランドアンドヒューマン
  • 4:株式会社タグワン
  • 5:株式会社High Speed Green
  • 6:SMILE SCORE株式会社
  • 7:スルー株式会社
  • 8:株式会社Youfit
  • 9:株式会社デジリード
  • 10:株式会社アイクル
  • 11:MAMORIO株式会社
  • 12:株式会社ジョイクリエイト
  • 13:株式会社トルビズオン
  • 14:株式会社thee moment
  • 16:セールスアドベンチャー合同会社
  • 18:サウレテクノロジー株式会社
  • 19:九州大学起業部
  • 20:トップ九州国際医療コンサルティング株式会社
  • 21:株式会社シンクレッジ
  • 22:株式会社コードキュー
  • 24:株式会社エイルマネジメント
  • 25:ゴルフェイス株式会社
  • 26:ニューワールド株式会社
  • 27:ZEPTOR Asia株式会社
  • 28:株式会社ミッション・ベクトル・パートナーズ


We have 13 team rooms and a shared offices.

  • 1:株式会社tsumug
  • 2:Kids Code Club
  • 2:株式会社BeautyGym
  • 3:ブランドバイツ
  • 4:株式会社Qurate
  • 5:福岡地域戦略推進協議会
  • 7:株式会社西日本フィナンシャルホールディングス
  • 8:anect株式会社
  • 9:株式会社イーグルツリー
  • 10:Kotozna株式会社
  • 11:株式会社スタディスト
  • 12:オングリット株式会社
  • 13:アークエルテクノロジーズ株式会社
  • 15:株式会社ホープイングリッシュ

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Team room

The number of rooms

  • 44 rooms in total

Size of the room

  • 7㎡〜64㎡


  • JPY 1,200/㎡・month
  • Utilities:JPY 600/㎡・month
  • Registration fee:JPY 5,000/month

Other fees such as trash disposal fee, arising from use of rented rooms are charged separately.

Equipped service

  • ・Wired LAN(one outlet per compartment)
    ・free-of-charge wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)

Shared offices(Fixed seats)
Coworking Space (Free seats)

Number of seats

  • Fixed seats:approximately 66

    Fixed desks and seats are assigned for exclusive use.

  • Free seat:approximately 100

    Assignment or reservation of a fixed desk and seat is not possible.

    This place is unavailable for use during scheduled events.


  • Fixed seat:JPY 12,000/month(including utilities)
  • Free seat:JPY 8,000/month(including utilities)
  • Registration fee:JPY 5,000/month

Other fees such as a trash disposal fee, arising from use of a rented room, are charged separetely.

Equipped service

  • ・free-of-charge wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)


Event Space

The coworking space on the 1st floor is available for rent as an event space. For inquiries about facilities and equipment, or applications for the space, please go to the "CONTACT" page.

Service charge (not including consumption tax)

  • For the entire space (approximately 150㎡): JPY 10,000〜/hr.

minne atelier

This is a DIY studio specializing in fabrication, with the latest digital equipment. We help you translate your business ideas into tangible form.

Business hours:10:00〜19:00※Everyone is welcome

Honey coffee

Sit back and relax, surrounded by the fine aroma of specialty coffees. Spend some quality time by yourself, chatting with your friends, or consulting with your business partners. Please enjoy a fabulous time with coffee at our cafe space.

Business hours:10:00〜20:00※Everyone is welcome

Awabar fukuoka

Awabar, a familiar get-together frequented by people related to the Fukuoka startup scene. Experience unexpected encounters at this popular standing bar that serves a full range of alcoholic beverages with bubbles.

Business hours:18:00~24:00※Everyone is welcome


The cafe offers support for those aspiring to support themselves or become entrepreneurs. Other than concierge-like entrepreneur support, consultations are offered Thursday of every week with specialists such as tax counselors, judicial clerks, patent attorneys etc. These consultations are all free of charge.

For more details please visit the Fukuoka City Startup Café’s official website

Business hours: 10:00am- 10:00 pm (Consultations are accepted until 9:00 pm.)

Fukuoka Employment Consultation Center (FECC)

At the FECC anyone that has employment or recruitment concerns or worries can consult with a lawyer or a labor and social security attorney all free of charge. Examinations of employment contracts and work regulations are, of course, included. Consultations regarding employees and/or managers and employment regulations, as well as typical risk tendencies and countermeasures are also offered.

For more details please visit the FECC official website.



2-6-11 Daimyo Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka 810-0041Google map

via public

  • Seven-minute walk from Tenjin Subway Station. Take Exit No.6
  • Seven-minute walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station
  • Seven-minute walk from Akasaka Subway Station. Take Exit No.5

Parking lot・
Parking lot for

  • Not available
    ※Please use the public transportation.